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Raising Nonprofit Funds

Nonprofits Marketing

planPeter Drucker tells us that, “Napoleon said there were three things needed to fight a war. The first is money. The second is money. And the third is money. That may be true for war, but it’s not true for non-profit organizations. There you need four things. You need a plan. You need marketing. You need people. Any then you need money.” Let’s start by considering marketing. If your non-profit is funded by an endowment or a wealth donor, this may not be of much interest. For most of us it is an issue which must be addressed in order to sustain our activities.

So many think that they don’t need marketing. In fact, they consider the term unsavory.… Read the rest


How Important Are Your Employees

employeesMost businesses invest in marketing and advertising each month but overlook another vital investment that they are already making–that investment is their employees. Your employees can make or break your company, and recently I ran into a very poignant example of that fact.… Read the rest

A Marketing Plan

Business Success Starts with a Marketing Plan

business success Here you are with a strong desire to start a business on your own. You have some ideas and some financial resources, but what’s the next step to business success? Of course, there is the legal requirement for licensing and registration of the business, but that is only a formality.

  • Should you write a strategic plan?
  • Should you buy or rent a building?
  • Should you buy a sign and business cards?
  • Let’s consider developing a marketing business success plan first

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